Nothing is more powerful than claiming your purpose. To be more, we have to choose more. As a Possibilitarian®, I help people conquer fear and self-doubt and embrace uncertainty as a place to grow. Together we shed the shell of expectation and extend an invitation to new intention.

Your purpose is waiting. Your possibilities are calling.

Are you ready to claim your possibilities?

The Possibilitarian®

I'm Ellen Wasyl, the Chief Possibilitarian® of The Possibility Experience. For years, I've helped people recognize their blind spots, name the fears that are holding them back so that they can conquer them and make room for something bigger. 

Now it's your turn. You weren’t meant to play small. You were meant to provoke possibilities.

Believe in the Power of Possibility

Let's get real about your gifts, purpose, and direction, so that you can go all in. My approach is designed to meet you where you are now, so that you can discover where you’re going next.

As an ally to your personal and professional development, I speak power to truth and provoke possibility so that you can make the necessary shift into playing big.