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Individual change coaching is an immersive, experiential, and individualized process to uncover your true potential and all the hidden possibilities that lie just beyond the horizon.

My time spent with Ellen has been invaluable, and my professional growth since that time has followed a trajectory that I’d previously not imagined ... she challenged me to look at things differently, called me out on the garbage that I kept telling myself, and ultimately got me thinking about the possibilities that could be available, once I was willing to step outside of my own internal constraints.
— Douglas Stephon, Program Manager, CSC


What if you silence the voice that says there’s something missing, with the reassurance of knowing that boundless possibilities already belong to you?

Together, we'll tackle the perceived challenges that keep you treading water rather than making progressive strides. Positive self-talk, possibility naming, and permission to tackle your issues become the central focal point of these sessions, designed to build your leadership skills and your confidence as you approach the future with ease and energy.

By balancing dreams and visions with purpose and practicality — with tools like self-assessments, The Leadership Circle 360, Leadership Circle Cultural Survey, and Enneagram personality index — I'll help you identify roadblocks, blind spots, and destinations for success for both your long and short-term future.

I work with those who are faced with a life-altering choice: leap forward or remain stagnant.

The result of individual change coaching is often incredible transformation. A plaguing sense to do more and be more is replaced with an ignited passion to chase more of what makes you feel and come alive. Relationships become rooted in trust, collaboration, and synergy inside and outside of the workplace, so that the pressure to produce is replaced with the desire to create.

In addition to your role as a leader for others, you become a priority in the bigger picture, focusing more on your own self-development, allowing the promise of the future to be attainable, ownable, and invigorating.

Let's get real about your gifts, purpose, and direction, so that you can go all in. My approach is designed to meet you where you are now, so that you can discover where you’re going next.

As an ally to your personal and professional development, I speak power to truth and provoke possibility so that you can make the necessary shift into playing big.

Take that step, say yes and embrace what's possible for you.


Coaching engagements are immersive, experiential, and personally customized to the individual. Virtual and on-site packages are available in 6 or 12 month increments.


Ellen has keen insights in human personalities and business complexities, positioning her beautifully to coach both tactical and strategic individuals through professional and even sometimes personal challenges.
— Ari Shabat, Chief Operating Officer at Pharmore Drugs