Trading an 'Instant' for an 'Instance'


I caught a snippet on the news this week promising that Visa is working on resolving the excessive wait times suffered by consumers for point-of-sale chip approvals. The report said that consumers are inconvenienced 10 seconds on average, and up to 33 seconds while transactions clear. In response to what I’d heard I experienced at least five different emotions in rapidity; hilarity, disbelief, annoyance, sadness and possibility.

Shouldn't extra security be a welcome addition?

I paused in absolute wonderment at the absurdity of one’s perceived loss with the forfeiture of 33 seconds; all in the name of security to boot! Isn’t extra protection something people should be celebrating?

A quick Google search on hacking statistics yields mind-boggling headlines: “Data-breach fatigue... 2014, the year of the hack—1 billion records compromised... 2015, the year of the healthcare hack... Half of all American adults—120 million and growing, hacked over a twelve month timeframe... ”

Given such statistics, 33 seconds seems a small price to pay for added protection.

Hang tight for another minute and noodle it through. We’re talking about one third of one minutes’ time per shopping experience. For the average consumer, that equates to three point-of-sale chip transactions a day. I’d contend it’s an interruption of relative insignificance.

Sadly, this incident not only preoccupied a prime-time news segment, it also challenged some of the world’s largest financial institutions to resolve it—immediately! Countless corporate tech geniuses’ are already at it, burning the midnight oil to make this right, to align competitively, and to remain relevant. The lost time and resources, utilization of talent, and bottom line impact—staggering.

Cashing-in on the opportunity of time

Rest assured, instant pay chip capabilities are in the works. In the interim, consider how you might cash-in on the opportunity of time. What if you were willing to suspend impatience, and embrace the instance of delay as an opportunity to connect and to possibly create an impact? The call to action is to fully take advantage of the 33 seconds allotted to simply connect with yourself.


@@Thirty-three seconds is just about perfect for a quick centering, a Mindfree™ moment to just be.@@


Take a deep breath and slow your heart rate. It’s amazing what comes into focus when you blur the edges on urgency and precision, take in your surroundings, witness your life, and experience gratitude. It’s an opportunity to reframe your entire day in a singular moment.

Perhaps you’re shopping with a companion, forgo the technology. Give that someone a little unexpected attention; check-in, show interest, and connect. Thirty-three seconds to set a plan, make a request, or show some love is a great invitation for more—and deeper—connectedness. For the more extroverted, make direct eye contact; see the other person you’re standing before and engage them. Lighten it up, offer a compliment, ask how their day’s going. A simple inquiry or gesture of compassion could make a huge impact on the recipient.

Life doesn't wait for you. Make every instant count.

You may be caught up in the flurry of errands but this doesn’t excuse you from checking in. Big picture, every moment that you’re present in, enriches your life experiences. Many occasions will occur over a lifetime when you’ll long for that opportunity for a “redo,” to rewind and show up differently. You may wish to take back words, be more prepared, initiate effort, or savor extra moments with someone important.

Time is precious, it’s fleeting, and it’s interrupted all the time. What if, in those brief moments of delay, you chose to deliberately repurpose them to your benefit versus experience them as an annoyed inconvenience.


@@What if you choose to make every thirty-three seconds count?@@