Permission Granted


I don't know about you but the thought of a permission slip just brings me joy. I was either going somewhere special, taking a different route, or skipping school. I craved permission to do 'that thing' and delighted in the experience whenever possible.  


@@When was the last time you experienced the profound freedom of "permission granted"?@@


What's the statute of limitation for permission? Is there one? Do we reach an age or station in life where we no longer need to ask for or be granted permission? What's the grown up equivalent? I'm not talking about the rigors of workplace permissions like seeking approval for an extravagant business trip, inclusion at the table, taking the lead on the pitch.... All good stuff no doubt and you've earned it, but I'm talking about stirring up the deeply felt emotional sense of joy, elation, and liberation.

Pause here and think about that. When was the last time you experienced the profound freedom of "permission granted"?

When I first launched my business nearly eight years ago, I envisioned all of the incredibly complex and unique clients that I'd encounter, all with pressing issues and hurdles equally as unique. Extraordinary they were, but even more so, at their most vulnerable, they were just human. I came to appreciate the qualities and conditions of being human that we all share, and crave them as an entrance point for deep coaching and certain transformation.  


@@...we all just want to be heard, seen, and understood, for who we are.@@


Issues, blind spots, and development snags aside, we all just want to be heard, seen, and understood, for who we are. And when we're not—which is a lot of the time—we often create barriers, cue negative self-talk and judgment, and weave stories of being right or having been wronged. All the messiness of being human can become the bane of growth limiting potential for change and dreams realized. 

So, what does this have to do with permission? Everything!

When stuck it can feel overwhelming. Constriction by it's very nature is suffocating; it's limiting, frustrating, and boring.  It dampens your courage and obscures your view. You often feel like you're drowning.    

Many of my clients have come to question their purpose or calling, have craved more for themselves, and are redefining their role in the world. They are standing on the precipice of something really big. That final push, the big decision to dive in head-first, requires grit, determination, courage and permission.   

Permission is an inside job. 

It's making a declaration once and for all to "do you differently." Granted by you, for you, so you can go do the thing. Appreciating that you do not need the acceptance and approval of others and that you're the only one you need permission from—that's kick-ass, game-changing empowerment with the freedom to delight in your own experiences!

What will your permission slip read? Write it, read it, and then go do the thing!