In Honor of Women Everywhere

International Women's Day 2018

March 8th is International Women’s Day, so I thought I’d honor #IWD2018 with a piece focused on what’s top of mind for my clients right now. Turns out, it’s top of mind for me too!

The prevailing theme is women craving authentic connection with other like-minded women. Further refined it actually transcends connection. More accurately, it’s the desire to experience that felt sense of being truly bolstered by other women. The qualities of this craving reflect strong women who cherish an open and abundant mindset. It speaks of an unconditional reciprocity and has an unmistakable grit and permanence about it.

But what does supporting one another truly look and feel like?

We’ve all seen the cliché social media catchphrases, “We Rise by Lifting Others,” “Girls Compete – Women Empower," or my personal favorite, “Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns," — what does that even mean? Supporting women means just that.

It’s an unselfish act — paying it forward — expecting nothing in return and sitting in awe when all that goodness seems to flow right back in your very direction.


Supporting someone is an unselfish act of paying it forward and expecting nothing in return.


While writing this piece I took a call from a new pro-bono client who wished to clarify how she would “fit into my schedule.” She questioned her position in our coaching relationship as less than that of other paying clients. Without hesitation my response was that she “fit in” just like anyone else; she “fit in” because she was an excellent candidate for coaching and she deserved the support.

Isn’t that really the call to action? To honor the impulse when inspired; to say a kind word, to offer a compliment, lend an ear or a hand, ask someone you admire for advice yourself. It emanates from a place of deep respect and with a purity of intention where there’s no room for expectation, reservation or judgment.

Who doesn’t want more of that?

What are you doing to celebrate International Women's Day?


This piece was originally featured on the e-list, a curated guide to the Connecticut Shoreline that highlights (mainly female owned) small businesses.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash